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The Fairway

For almost 300 years, men have been doing business on the golf course. Correction: straight, white men have been doing business on the golf course. Securing deals, discussing investments, building generational wealth.  

Women, and particularly women of color, haven't been invited. And if they dared to show up, they certainly weren't included. 

Until now.

Welcome to our Fairway.


The Fairway Dinners

An inclusive table where every womxn has a seat.

Intimate, inclusive, intersectional dinners bringing together womxn across generations, industries + walks of life to support – and become a part of – each other’s transformations. 

Our chief concern? Women's access to capital: human and financial.

Over cocktails and conversation, we secure deals, discuss investments and build generational wealth.

Our promise to you? We recognize your value and increase your valuation.


What women are saying...

If you've experienced The Fairway, you know.

"As a brown, queer woman, the interactions I have with folks have not always been genuine and I have not always been given a seat at the table. I have been looked over, dismissed, and underrated more times than I can count. But this dinner was was unlike anything I had ever experienced in my professional life."

It's not networking. 
It's networthing.

We take the "work" out of networking. Our curated dinners are built for you.

In just eight weeks, completely self-funded, we've been able to accomplish so much for 120 women at six dinners in five major markets. 

We've created access to:

  • 2,400+ new connections 

  • 100+ human capital hours

  • 75+ un-gettable meetings

  • 50+ job opportunities 

  • $2.5M+ increased wealth


And we're just getting started.

We are coming to *your* city next.