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How Ella works.

Ella believes that more womxn should be running the world.

So, why aren’t we? 

It has nothing to do with ability, ambition or aspiration.

It has everything to do with access, accountability and appreciation.

We’ve created a disruptive ecosystem to do just that: future-focused, present-proven.

Individually, we make

a breeze.

Collectively, we create

a hericane.

The Butterfly Effect

Our approach is inspired by "The Butterfly Effect:" A property of systems by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale  variation in the future state of the system.




  • The process of transformation

  • The change of the form or nature of a thing / person into a completely different one

  • A major change 

Our Ethos

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. True metamorphosis requires both.

The Metamorphosystem (TM)

A disruptive ecosystem built for – and by – women.



The FairwayTM:

Access for — and by — women to opportunities, resources and human capital through private, curated dinners; a powerhouse podcast; a coveted app;

and a connected network of inclusive partners. 


The Gender Fair IndexTM:

A proprietary partnership with Gender Fair, publishing the industry’s premiere Intersectional Gender Equity Index — tracking companies’ promises, scoring progress + offering proven certification.


The MetamorphosisterhoodTM:

A vetted network of exceptional women-owned business supporting, creating and driving personal and professional transformation. We create + connect bespoke diverse supplier pipelines.

Consulting built for your needs


Tailored for individual womxn
Personal, professional + passion roadmap


Designed for small businesses
Brand-building sustainable strategies


Built for large companies
Reputation + legacy-building partnerships

Keep exploring...

Meet Ella.

Ella is built around 3P IntegrationTM. 
We believe that personal, professional and passion work should co-exist interchangeably throughout the day. 
We also proudly employ a 4-day workweek.
After all, we are future-focused; present-proven.

We WFH (Work from Here)

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