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The current systems (yes, all of them) aren't built for – or by – women.

We're here to change that.


Erin Gallagher

CEO + Founder

Erin is the CEO + Founder of Ella (an inclusive network unlocking women's access to human, social and financial capital), the Founder of the Hype Women Movement and Host of the Hype Women Podcast.


She brings 20 years experience leading global marketing, business development, media relations, branding, communications and  organizational and culture change to the many roles she currently plays: small business owner, disruptor, entrepreneur, system-challenger and mother to two young boys.

She was named a 2023 Top 100 LinkedIn Creator and Top 10 DEI Voice (#5) and penned one of the Top 100 Most Influential LinkedIn Posts of the Decade.


Erin has counseled The White House and C-suite and senior leaders at some of the world’s biggest and best brands and companies — from LinkedIn to United Airlines to Carhartt to McDonald’s, to name a few.

Through her work forging relationships with change makers and leaders who believe in the power of
diversity, equity, inclusion and access, Erin has become (as one Global CMO so succinctly put it) “the not-so-secret weapon so many leaders count on to drive real change...she knows everyone.”

Erin is the creator of The Fairway (Dinners, Membership and App): inclusive, intersectional, intimate
spaces where every woman has a seat to give and get business.


Erin's Backstory

Erin's most recent accolades include growing the previous company she founded from becoming global holding company Interpublic Group’s first equity investment in a majority women-owned business...ever (in its 93-year history) to earning the recognition from Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022.

Erin is also a PRNews 2019 ‘Top Women in PR’ Honoree

She began her career at Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a non-profit, legal services, watchdog committed to lifting the ban on LGBTQ+ in the military. (Which they ultimately achieved.) 


Why Ella exists.


Power our disruptive ecosystem to achieve intersectional gender equity + build generational wealth for womxn everywhere.


To create a world where womxn realize the unencumbered, uninhibited + unlimited personal, professional + passion potential they have always deserved, but never experienced.




Our steadfast commitment to intersectional gender equity is foundational to our values, core and being. We created Ella because we see other womxn not as competition, but as confidants, co-conspirators and collaborators.

Here are just a few of those established partnerships and affiliations.

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Marble Collective

Founding Member





Saysh Collective Member

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