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Our #HypeWomen Movement.

2023 is the year of The Unabashed Hype Woman.

The term – coined by Ella's CEO + Founder Erin Gallagher in her viral post that turned a moment (Jamie Lee Curtis hyping Michelle Yeoh's Golden Globes Best Actress win) into a Movement  – has mobilized us all. 

It's more than a meme. It's more than a shirt. It's a seismic shift in the way women view one another. And our #HypeWomen Movement has created a hericane that is taking the world by storm.  

#HypeWomen has been shared millions of times. 

Support, celebrate and show solidarity for the women in your life by spending money with these official #HypeWomen brand partners.
Women-owned. Women-led. Women-loved.  

Join our Movement.

Are you a women-owned businesses looking to build your brand?

Become a #HypeWomen Brand Partner and experience the support and success that comes with true sisterhood. 

Do you own, run or work for a company that believes in women-owned businesses?

Show your solidarity through Corporate Sponsorship of our #HypeWomen Movement.

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