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Willpower Collection: Ella Kitchen Towel

Willpower Collection: Ella Kitchen Towel

SKU: 98803355238120124373

The Willpower Collection: Designed exclusively by Will Gallagher, Erin's 6 year old son.

Here to add a touch of character & utility to any kitchen, this personalized kitchen towel has it all. From its high absorption to the stunning one-sided print, it can be a trusty and expressive helper to the cook. Choose between polyester or cotton material to best match your decorative or cooking needs.

NB! Product tag includes the text, “tea towel”, but can be used for all kitchen-related purposes.

.: Available in two types of material: Cotton Twill and Polyester
.: One size: 18" × 30" (45.72cm × 76.2cm )
.: One sided print
.: Lightweight

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