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Chicago Based Meet Up Group

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Hey fierce Fairway friends!

I'm going to be in Chicago for work next month, and a few local Ellas and I are planning to meet up for lunch on Weds 12/6.

If you are also in the area, would love to extend the invite! The more the merrier. I just need a headcount of who all wants to join, to make a restaurant reservation.

Caroline Malloy
Amy P

Hi All, I'm a newbie here and would like to introduce myself. I'm Brenda (Maxx) Cumby McGee Owner/Founder of GottStreet Blues - working clothes for working women and Horticultural Delights - where humor and dirt mix. I'm a retired union Carpenter of 26 years and a garden enthusiast. I'm just getting GottStreet off the ground and Horticultural Delights is a T-shirt company. I'm excited to get to know like minded women.

Chante Martinez Thurmond

Hi there. My Fairway Dinner friend Elisa Stampf and I are hosting an informal gathering called Disruption & Drinks at Hera Hub in River North next Wednesday. BYOB and join us to meet other trailblazers who are also disrupting the patriarchy.

Here's the registration link. It's free. We just want a headcount.

Carol Fabrizio

Ladies, we have a few spots left for our 7.27 Chicago Fairway Dinner. Please LMK if you're interested in joining!

Chante Martinez Thurmond


Looking for women in Chicago who would like plan some meet-u...


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