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Hi! I'm a career HR professional bringing career and leadership coaching directly to Millennial Moms. My practice is focused on millennial women because we're in the thick of caring for little ones and aging parents which tends to leave us on the backburner. This is costing us opportunities AND money!

My coaching is focused on helping women with young kids at home maintain momentum or gain speed in their career. Most importantly making career moves that get them paid what they're worth. What my favorite part about this cosching is? It's all done unencumbered by corporate messages and strategy (which means you get the whole truth and nothing but the truth).

I have two kiddos, 5 and 3, and I'm passionate about supporting women in charging ahead during their careers while their kiddos are little. There's too much to lose during this time and I love being that partner for women in this stage.

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Sarah Wagoner, LLC
Career and Leadership Coach for Millennial Moms
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Glenview, IL

Sarah Wagoner

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